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In The Media

Below are links to articles, videos, interviews, mentions, or websites of patients who have publicly recognized Dr. Garramone as their Chest Surgeon via the internet or social media, along with many links to various articles about Transgender Patients in the media.

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The “We Exist” Film

An AMAZING project we took part in.


’60 Minutes’ April 7, 2016

A Transgender Harvard swimmer’s choice

In his first television interview, a transgender Harvard swimmer says he made the right choice to swim on the men’s team, even though he hasn’t won races

A Transgender Harvard swimmer’s choice


‘Men’s Health’ Cover Finalist.

Today, September 15, 2015 “Transgender model: Men’s Health cover should show a ‘different version of a man'”

‘The Iowa State Daily’

Iowa State Daily, Jun 28, 2012 “The perfect fit: Poulson takes next step in transition from woman to man”

‘The New Yorker’

The New Yorker, March 18, 2013 “About a Boy”



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