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After Surgery Information


After your surgery at The Garramone Center, you may have many questions. We will try to answer as many of these as possible on this page below. We will update with new questions as needed:

After Your Surgery

Contact us after surgery

From Monday through Thursday during regular business hours, if you ever need to contact us with a concern, please call (954) 752-7842. Press “option 1”, this will transfer you to our front desk where our office staff will be able to help you. If they feel as though you need to speak with Dr. Garramone directly, then they will contact Dr. Garramone and he will call you back as soon as he gets the message

Emergency Contact Instructions after surgery

If it is after hours or on the weekend, and you are experiencing any serious signs of bleeding, severe nausea and vomiting, or severe pain, please call our Emergency line at (954) 752-7842. Press “option 4”, this will transfer you to Dr. Garramone directly. This line is only to be used for actual medical emergencies requiring Dr. Garramone’s assistance. Do not call this line for general questions that can be handled on the next business day. Do not call this line if you are having a severe life threatening emergency, if this is the case, hang up the phone and dial “911”.

Post-operative Visit

About one week after surgery, we have you follow up in the office for your post-operative visit. Your bandages will be removed and Dr. Garramone will teach you how to care for your chest over the next few weeks while it heals. At this time it should be okay for you to travel home. Most patients having the  FTM Top Surgery Procedure stay in town for about 6 to 8 days on average.

Will I get a Gender Confirmation Change letter?

We will provide all patients undergoing Gender Confirmation or Sexual Reassignment Surgery, a letter confirming they have completed this surgery. You can use this letter to change your government issued identifications or birth certificate.

Post-op concerns after you have traveled home?

If you have already had surgery with Dr. Garramone and have already traveled home, and have a general concern about your surgery, please call our office to setup a post-operative phone consult with Dr. Garramone at (954) 752-7842. Do not email us with concerns, as we will not answer emails from post-operative patients and will only accept phone calls directly from the patient. During this phone call we may ask you to email Dr. Garramone photos of the concerned area at Please describe in detail what is going on, and Dr. Garramone will call you during your post-operative phone consult to discuss the concern with you.

If Dr. Garramone feels as though you would benefit from seeing your Primary Care Physician where you live, then he will recommend you follow up with them.

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