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Botched FTM Top Surgery and Revisions

Botched FTM Top Surgery

Have you had FTM Top Surgery performed by another Doctor?

Have you had a Botched or Awful Result of FTM Top Surgery performed by another Doctor?

Do you want your FTM Top Surgery performed by another Doctor to look better and have a better result?

Did your other Doctor tell you they couldn’t fix your Botched or Awful Result of FTM Top Surgery performed by them?

Dr. Garramone Can Help

Over the past decade, Dr. Garramone has seen many physicians starting to perform FTM Top Surgery. Some of these doctors do a great job and really want to help, but many of these doctors are performing really poor work giving patients Botched results. These new physicians see this surgery as a “trend” and a new money-making revenue stream, and really do not seem to care or be able to help a lot of patients they are performing FTM Top Surgery upon. Dr. Garramone has seen the names of these doctors last for a while, and then slowly disappear and fade away from their initial popularity of being “A New Surgeon”.

“I was once the New Surgeon 17 years ago, but at that time there were only about three doctors in the United States performing this surgery and one of them has since retired, another has passed away. I found an interest in this surgery and became very good at it, so I’ve dedicated my entire practice to this one specialty of FTM Top Surgery and FTM Body Masculinization. You have to look back 10 years ago and realize there weren’t any Reality TV Shows sensationalizing the Transgender Movement; there weren’t any superstars in the media; there were only people trying to become themselves, and I played a huge part in changing thousands of those lives. What I have been seeing in the last 12 months has been horrifying. Every day we receive inquiries from patients all over the world begging for me to fix their Botched FTM Top Surgeries. I speak with over 2,000 new patients a year, and about 10-20% of those patients have had recent FTM Top Surgery by another doctor or FTM Top Surgery by another doctor many years ago, and they are looking for me to fix their Botched results. I can help almost every one of them, but there are a few patients that have irreversible damage that cannot be fixed or even made to look better. My fear is that this will continue to get worse as I progress through my career, but at least I believe I have the skill to help these people with their Botched FTM Top Surgeries performed by other surgeons. The key to being a great surgeon is to know your limitations, and many of these New Surgeons have egos that blind them of these limitations, and that’s when people get hurt. It is very sad and I’m standing here cleaning up the mess made by these other doctors. Botched FTM Top Surgery is not a joke, for me it is a new career path I’ve been forced to take along side of my current practice. Now,  I’m not just the Top Surgeon for FTM Top Surgery in the World, I am now the “Go To Guy” for Fixing Botched FTM Top Surgeries performed by other doctors. So I guess I have a new title, and I’ll keep helping people for the right reasons as I’ve always done.”

If You Have Been A Victim Of FTM Top Surgery Performed By Another Surgeon:

Call our office at (954) 752-7842 to set up a private phone consultation with Dr. Garramone or use the contact by email form on the right side of this page.

Don’t Become An Experiment For A New Doctor:

Avoid having a Botched FTM Top Surgery result by another doctor.

Ask your physician these simple and direct questions:

“How many FTM Top Surgery procedures do you perform per year?”

“Who trained you to perform FTM Top Surgery?”

“Why did you start performing FTM Top Surgery just recently, and why did you have no interest in FTM Top Surgery when you started your practice?”

“If you believe in helping the Transgender patient population, then are you willing to do only Transgender related procedures and dedicating your life to these patients?”


Please email our Office directly if you have any questions: frontdesk@drgarramone.com

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