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Life Stories

Life Stories: “Your story can help change a life.”

Here you can read the stories and view pictures of patients who have undergone GenSculpt® FTM Top Surgery® or ManSculpture® Body Masculinization by Dr. Charles Garramone. By sharing these stories, our past patients can help change someones life.

Want to share your story too? Just email your story, photos of yourself in clothes or without a shirt (to show off your surgery results), and give us written permission to use your photos and story on our social media and webpages. Email all information to life@drgarramone.com

Once we receive your information, we will prepare your story for our site. If you ever want your story or images removed, please contact us at (954) 752-7842 and we will promptly remove your story.

Thank you for helping someone become who they were meant to be!

Life Stories “Holden”

Picture of Holden

Life Stories “Troy”

Picture of Troy

Life Stories “Owen”

Picture of Owen









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