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Life Stories “Troy”

“My life as a transgender man, was anything but complete prior to my surgery with Dr. Garramone. I thought as soon as I started testosterone, I would be more than happy and satisfied, but it only accelerated my need to have the “total package”.

I was looking more and more like a man every day, except for my chest. It was emotionally breaking me down on a daily basis having to stare at this person in the mirror who felt and looked so incomplete. I decided you can’t debate the need to feel truly happy. Not just the emotion of happiness, but the act of living life with pure joy in your heart. I didn’t have that until I had my surgery.

I can’t tell any other transgender man how incredible, how speechless your life becomes getting to do all the things you once felt angered by seeing others get to do, and you couldn’t. I don’t take one moment for granted every time I take my shirt off playing sports with the guys, only needing my bath towel around my waist, and seeing myself in a tank with no sports bra showing through the side.

Dr. Garramone, Kelli, and Jodi allowed me to become the man I have always seen for years. The biggest difference, and what I thank them for the most, is now, THE WORLD sees me as that exact same man!”

“I have been sharing my story and experience with so many since last year, and find it incredible to be able to help others as others once helped me.

I am certain you all know and can feel just how rewarding your jobs are, but I want to tell you guys you truly have no idea. You have heard it a thousand times already, but I want to say it once more, because what you have done for ME and in MY life, is simply remarkable.

Kelli, Jodi, and Dr. Charles….you have truly given me the world at my feet now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done.”







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