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Life Stories “Owen”


“Long before I came out as transgender, I was ashamed of my chest. I’m an unusually small person but had a very large chest, and it got in the way of everything I did socially. Even when I wore a strong binder, it barely made a difference. People could always tell, and this made it very difficult to leave my house and be out in public. The only thing keeping me going was the thought of getting surgery and living a more comfortable life.”

“When I did my research and looked at results, I knew I had to go to Dr. Garramone for my surgery. What he did for me was beyond what I imagined. My chest isn’t just flat–it looks natural. But for the scars, you would never know. I don’t need to pluck my shirt forward when the wind blows on me, so I can hike whenever I want. I don’t have to hunch anymore when I walk, so my back and neck problems have improved. I can go swimming at the lake with my shirt off, and without feeling self-conscious the entire time. I walk around my house in just pajama bottoms in the morning and go out jogging in shorts on a hot day. I feel comfortable working out at the gym even when other people are there. I was able to get a tattoo this year on my side and ribs, and I’m able to lift up my shirt and actually show it to people. I can wear shirts that actually fit my body type, instead of having to cover up as much as possible. I never imagined that my daily life would change so much after having surgery.”

“I feel virtually no dysphoria anymore, and I haven’t experienced depression in a very long time. My chest was a bigger problem in my life that I even realized, and now I feel like the world is my oyster. I am no longer ashamed of the way I look. I LOVE the way I look, and three years ago I never would have thought that possible.”

“Dr. Garramone didn’t just change my life — He saved it.”


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