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Non-Binary (nonbinary) Top Surgery?


Non-Binary Top Surgery? What is it?

We receive many inquiries every day asking “Does Dr. Garramone perform top surgery for Non-Binary (nonbinary) patients?

The answer is “Yes!”

Dr. Charles Garramone has been performing Non-Binary (nonbinary) Top Surgery for many years as far back as 2005, even before Non-Binary (nonbinary) was even a common term used by idividuals who identify as Non-Binary (nonbinary) or Gender Variant or Gender Neutral, etc. He has been performing this surgery before it was even common for any surgeon to do so. Up until about 2012, most of Dr. Garramone’s patients identified as FTM (femal to male), while only about 20% identified as Non-Binary (nonbinary). Since 2012 the number of patients identifying as Non-Binary (nonbinary) has steadily increased in Dr. Garramone’s practice and comprises about 40% to 50% of patients seeking Top Surgery.

Why are there so many people identifying as Non-Binary (nonbinary)?

There is no clear answer to this question. From a sociological point of view, there were probably always people who identified as something not male or female. They just didn’t know how to express this, or there were no labels for this classification. Also, society has become more understanding of the differences of gender identities, which allows many people who identify as Non-Binary (nonbinary) to be able to live their lives with this identity.  So the answer isn’t so precise, but it is very apparent that we live in a modern era with an understanding of gender being able to exist in various degrees of male, female, or somewhere in between.

What is GenSculpt® FTM Top Surgery?

Dr. Garramone performs several hundred FTM Top Surgeries per year and has had thousands of excellent results. He is considered the World’s Leading Authority on FTM Top Surgery. Dr. Garramone speaks with over 2,000 new patients a year about having chest surgery and body surgery, so as you can imagine, these people represent a very diverse and comprehensive uniqueness of the Gender Spectrum. Chest surgery is sought after by many people with different gender variances, so Dr. Garramone created GenSculpt® . It is a chest surgery method and protocol for people born as biological females or intersex, with varying Gender Identity or Gender Dysphoria.

What Gender do you identify with?

Traditionally, the “FTM Top Surgery” designation originated from “Female to Male” chest surgery. This would classify each person as strictly identifying as a Transgender Person transitioning from Female to Male. While traditional questions to ask a patient are “Do you identify as female or male?”, this does not completely apply to our current practice.

What if you were born as a biological female or intersex, and strictly identified as a male and were seeking FTM Top Surgery to give you a male contoured chest as a part of your Gender Confirmation Surgery? Then GenSculpt® is right for you.

What if you were born as a biological female or intersex, and identified as a Non-Binary (nonbinary), Gender Neutral, Gender Variant, Omnigender, Transmasculine, etc. and were seeking FTM Top Surgery to give you a more masculine contoured chest to help you feel more aligned with your Gender Identity? Then GenSculpt® is right for you.

What if you were born as a biological female or intersex, and identified as a Female and were seeking FTM Top Surgery to give you a more masculine contoured chest just because you preferred the appearance? Then GenSculpt® is right for you.

Chest contour, scar placement, scar shape, scar length, nipple-areolar position, nipple size, and areola size are all discussed with patients seeking GenSculpt®. All of the options are able to be modified to the patient’s personal preferences, and Dr. Garramone will discuss these options with you with great care.

The Garramone Method of GenSculpt® FTM Top Surgery:

Dr. Garramone has a specific set protocol for all patient when performing GenSculpt® surgeries. He has specific drawings and marking for each individual chest, and a systematic set of measurements he performs with each and every surgery. From his pre-operative assessment to the post-operative treatement regimen, this method of care is truly The Garramone Method. Having performed thousands of successful FTM Top Surgeries or Non-Binary (nonbinary) Top Surgeries, The Garramone Method is a time tested and reliable set of treatment protocols for FTM Top Surgery.

We now call The Garramone Method of FTM Top Surgery one concise word “GenSculpt® “, which is combined from the words “Gender” and “Sculpting”. This way you know when you or someone you care about is having FTM Top Surgery and they choose GenSculpt® , they are getting The Garramone Method of FTM Top Surgery. They are getting a reliable, safe, effective, time tested, and reproducible result that cannot be matched by any other method.

GenSculpt® is the new standard of care when having FTM Top Surgery and Dr. Garramone is the creator and the only Plastic Surgeon offering this method.

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